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  • Breaking Free From CONTROL

    When I was 15 years old I ran away from home and I never returned. From the appearance one could judge me as rebellious or even a “bad” daughter, but here’s the thing. I HAD to break free. Sometimes we are controlling or unhealthy situations and most of the time its relational. Even though I […]

  • Moving To Hawaii
  • A Mother’s Paradise

    We have only been in Hawaii for almost 2 weeks, yet it feels like its been so much longer. This move has been…amazing and difficult all at the same time. My soul has not experienced anything like this in so long. We were comfortable in our RV. It was what we knew. We felt secure. […]

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  • The Birth of Something New

    Today we left our home of 6 months, San Clemente. For my new readers, my husband and I camp host for 6 months during the summer at a state beach in Southern California. This was our second year. With the birth of our newest addition, Sailor Rae, we decided that we needed a change. Our […]